After 2 years finally Lydia & Ezequiel will teach Traditional and Neo tango courses together again at Academia de Tango in Amsterdam!

If you would like to take this excellent tango course with them, this is your chance! It will be 6 weeks tango courses and they will teach Level 1, 3/4 and NeoTango 4+.

At the Traditional Tango courses you will learn the necessary movements, qualities, technique, posture that you need to dance at the tango salons. At the Neo Tango courses you will also learn very creative and fun tango movements that you can dance on traditional and eo tango music.

Every Wednesday from 14 Nov till 19  Dec at Academia de Tango Amsterdam
19.00 – 20.00  Level 1
20.00 – 21:00  Level 3/4 
21:00 – 22:00 Neo Tango 4+ 

*On the 14th and 21st of Nov the classes will the be taught by Ezequiel & Karin. The rest of the course will be taught by Lydia & Ezequiel
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