New courses are starting soon. At Academia de Tango Amsterdam Ezequiel Sanucci will teach a beginners course with Joli and Level 3 and Advanced Modern Tango with Diana. At Flor the Fango in Arnhem he will teach with Jolanda Level 2 and Advanced Modern Tango.

At the Traditional Tango courses you will learn the necessary movements, qualities, technique, posture that you need to dance at the tango salons. At the Modern Tango courses you will also learn very creative and fun tango movements that you can dance on traditional and neo tango music. A more updated way of dancing tango as the young dancers in Buenos Aires do!

We will also have a FREE-TRAIL Tango class for beginners on the 21st of May. Inscribe hier.

From Monday 21 May till 25 June at Academia de Tango Amsterdam
19.00 – 20.00  Level 1 Ezequiel & Joli
20.00 – 21:00  Level 3 – Improvisation Ezequiel & Diana
21:00 – 22:00 Modern Tango Ezequiel & Diana

From Thursday 17 May till 14 June at Flor de Fango in Arnhem with Ezequiel & Jolanda
19.00 – 20.15 Beginners 2
20.15 – 21:30 Modern Tango