Would you like to learn how to lead and follow in a clear way and become free from combinations? Would you like to learn to improvise in tango and be able to dance for hours in very creative and personal way?
On the next 3 Mondays will have this very unique open classes for ALL LEVELS that will improve your tango improvisation skills! Ezequiel Sanucci & Joli Bakker will teach this tango classes. They teach in an organic and pedagogical way, to experience the mechanics directly in your body while connecting to the music.
On 20, 27 nov and 4 dec:
From 20.00 till 21.00 hr at Academia de Tango Amsterdam
Price: € 15 p.p. or € 40 p.p. for 3 lessons
Contact and inscriptions: J.Bakker@olvg.nl
Tel: 0649315771