La Neo is back in town!!!

La Neo is back in town!!!

Save the date – reserveer deze datum: March 23rd

Yes! Finally we can announce that La Neo is back in Town! After an involuntarily break we are now ready to give you many more magical nights full of lovely dances and inspiring music.

From now on every 4th Saturday of the month we will host La Neo in Studio Borgerstraat starting March 23rd.

We are so looking forward to making this your Neo Tango home where you can freely dance Neo Tango the way you feel it and meet fellow dancers to enjoy it with.

See you soon! Ezequiel en Saskia

Ezequiel Sanucci at World Tango Congress

Ezequiel Sanucci at World Tango Congress

Ezequiel Sanucci will be teaching, Dj’ing and performing at the World Tango Congress in Den Haag from 22 till 24 Feb.

He will be Dj’ing neotango on Fr 22 and Su 24 and he shares de line up with tow other world wide top DJ’s: Iwan Harlan and Anna Neum.

He will teach a neotango workshop together with the fabulous teacher Anna Neum on Sa 23. The workshop is very full already, so please inscribe soon if you want to join it.

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During this congress Ezequiel & Anna will also perform a neotango demonstration.

Anna is also an amazing dancer and DJ! Her music sets people in a dance trance! If you didn’t dance her music yet, then this is your chance. As well we high recommend you to take the opportunity come to this wonderful tango congress with many great artiest of around the world.

On Friday 22nd of February Ezequiel will teach a traditional tango workshop with great Argentina teach Emilia Andrada. The theme is “Fluency and balance in your dance” and this is the description: During the dance, the balance in the couple contributes efficiency in the movement. Likewise, the balance is in function of the embrace and how the individual axes interrelate to work together.
This shaft assembly is in constant connection with the floor. We will seek to improve the balance, embrace and connection of the couple to generate better momentum and greater fluidity in our dance. Therefore, we will work also with combinations that will help us to train this skills.

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Workshop and Neolonga by Ezequiel Sanucci @TheOffice in Den Haag

Workshop and Neolonga by Ezequiel Sanucci @TheOffice in Den Haag

14.30h: Workshop NeoTango by Ezequiel Sanucci

16-20h: NeoSalon @theOffice with DJ Eze

Workshop: Neo Tango Essence
Dancing Neo Tango is not exactly the same as dancing Traditional Tango. We use the same bio mechanics but we dance into other music and we have a lot more possibilities to use and explore. In this workshop Ezequiel Sanucci will teach you the essential elements that you need to enjoy dancing Neo Tango. How to dance into music that you don’t know and might feel either too slow or too fast. Which possibilities you can start exploring in order to give more freedom, enjoyment and excitement to you dance. How to connect with you partner in a new/different way that the traditional one. And of course, how to make your dance looks more Neo Tango. After this workshop you can enjoy the neolonga and immediately put in practice what you’ll learn.

The Costs
Workshop 15 euros
Workshop and Milonga 22 euros
Milonga only 10 euros

Registration for the Workshop
Please Follow this Link!

The Location
Alexanderveld 84-97
5th Floor (with elevator or stairs)
2585 DB The Hague

The Route
Free Parking in the surrounding streets.
Several Busses and Tram 9 have stops close to the Office.

Traditional and Neo Tango courses in Amsterdam and Arnhem 2019

Traditional and Neo Tango courses in Amsterdam and Arnhem 2019

This Wednesday we”ll start with Traditional and Neo Tango courses at Academia de Tango Amsterdam 😊
– 8 weeks courses (from Jan 16 till March 6) with Ezequiel Sanucci & Karin Mollemans or Lydia Muller. We”ll teach level 2 and 3 of Traditional Tango and advanced Neo Tango:

Every Wednesday from Jan 16 till 6 March at Academia de Tango Amsterdam:
19 – 20 hr: Tango Level 2: Learning the base of tango biomechanics and the style
20 – 21 hr: Traditional Tango level 3: Learn to improvise and connect better with your partner with practical dance movements for the tango salons
21 – 22 hr: Tango Nuevo Level 4+: Learn how to dance Neo Tango with creative movements and dancing it into many different kinds of music.


More information: 

From Thursday Jan 31 till Apr 25 at Flor de Fango in Arnhem
19.30 – 20.45 Beginners 2 – Intermediate
21.00 – 22.15  Modern Tango – Advanced

La Neo

La Neo

After the big succes of our opening night the next edition of La Neo will be on Fr. 16 Nov.

Every 3rd Friday of the month we welcome you in a friendly, vibrant atmosphere to dance Neo Tango. La Neo: the place where you dance Neo Tango just like you feel it

Are you not used yet to dancing Neo Tango or do you want to learn more? Do not worry. Before La Neo you can join a workshop by Ezequiel Sanucci.

Come to enjoy the freedom of dancing Neo Tango! Come to have fun with us at La Neo!

Fr. 16 Nov
20.00 – 21.00 workshop by Ezequiel Sanucci.
Learn neo moves that you can use right in the salon.
21.00 to 02.00 Neolonga. DJ Eze 

Admission € 10
Workshop € 12
Workshop and neolonga € 20

Address: Borgerstraat 112, Amsterdam
Parking in the street nearby, paid

Check out our website
La Neo Facebook event
La Neo Facebook page

Workshop by Ezequiel Sanucci:

Neo Tango in Close Embrace

We’ve heard many times “Neo Tango is dancing in open embrace”. Actually Neo Tango is so much more than that! For me dancing Neo Tango is a creative, playful way of dancing tango with an infinity of possibilities. One of this possibilities is dancing in close embrace on neo tango music. There is actually so much we can do as an alternative of the traditional way of dancing in close embrace. And as a wonderful addition we can, while we are in close embrace, also change roles and even dancing without leading and following is a possibility. As well, the element of intimacy is part of the Neo Tango experience. In Neo Tango we enjoy very much playing with it and add even more intimate possibilities if that’s what feels fine between the two partners.

In this workshop you will learn several Neo Tango moves and improvisation possibilities in close embrace, as well as more alternative close embraces possibilities, the possibility to change the lead without loosing the embrace, and to dance and play with your embraced partner without a clear leader and with freedom. This is a very interesting subject that will change your way of dancing Neo Tango for ever and it might even blow your mind.

For this workshop you don’t need a partner but since we will work with close embrace and an element of intimacy it is our recommendation to come with a partner with who you feel confortable.