Tantric dance in Helsinki

Ezequiel Sanucci will be teaching tantric dance and then DJ'ing for a dance jam at the monthly dance party organised by Sacred Circles. 16th November at 18 hrsAt Joogakoulu ShantiRuneberginkatu 43, 00100...

Free trail Tango Class with Ezequiel & Diana

6 and 8 Nov at Academia de Tango AmsterdamInscribe now!

Tangorra at La Neo & TangoTalks

And then suddenly 1 year has passed! October 19th is the first birthday of La Neo!A year full of wonderful music, Neolongas with a wonderful atmosphere where everyone can dance the way he or she wants, meetings with many nice passionate dancers and of...

Neo, Traditional and Contemporary Tango courses, workshops, private clases, performances, shows, theater productions, street theater acts and tango DJ of international level. Ezequiel & Lydia are teachers, dancers, and choreographers based in Amsterdam. They perform and teach in The Netherlands and a broad.

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