Dj Eze

Traditional & Neo tango, Latin & party music, jams, etc

Ezequiel likes to play all styles of tango music from beautiful traditional to very exciting neo and non-tangos. His favorite proportion is 70% traditional tangos and 30% neo or non-tangos, always separating the tandas (set of 4 tangos) with clear cortinas (sepation between sets).

He is also open to play only traditional tangos or more neo and non-tango music depending on the public and the needs of the moment. As well he can also to play party music, Latin music (salsa, cumbia, merengues, bachatas, ect) and free dancing jam music.

Ezequiel loves variety, surprising and to create different kind of atmospheres. He is sensitive for what is happening on the dance floor and is happy when people are having a good time.