Traditional and Modern Tango courses in Amsterdam and Arnhem

New courses are starting soon. At Academia de Tango Amsterdam Ezequiel Sanucci will teach a beginners course with Joli and Level 3 and Advanced Modern Tango with Diana. At Flor the Fango in Arnhem he will teach with Jolanda Level 2 and Advanced Modern...

Tango Now / Ezequiel & Lydia

Are you interested Argentinian tango? Tango Now has 
courses, workshops, private clases, performances, shows, theater productions, street theater acts and tango DJ of international level. We are specialist in Traditional Tango, Neo-Tango (Tango Nuevo), Contact Tango and our theater oriented Contemporary Tango style.

Ezequiel & Lydia are teachers, dancers, and choreographers based in Amsterdam. They perform and teach in The Netherlands and a broad. In this website you can read more about all the Tango Now activities. Check out our News & Upcoming Events!

New Video: Amor Propio. Solo danced choreographed by Ezequiel at Festival Cambalache in Buenos Aires